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The following are the projects we are currently working on in India. These tend to be more one time purchases.

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The following are the programs we are currently working on in India. These tend to be long term projects that require more capital, or are in need of funds on a annual basis.

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With a strong focus on discipleship, church planting and evangelism work in tandem to spread the gospel. Harvest Ministries has established 120 churches in places like Karimnagar, Medak, Warangal, Mahbubnagar, Ranga Reddy & Adilabad districts. Harvest Ministries is actively working among 11 people groups such as the Gangireddu and Erukula, as well as Tribal groups such as the Banjaras and Gonds.

$24,000 is needed to build a church. There is currently a need for 10 church buildings.




Since India has many remote villages and limited paved roads, the pastors utilize motorcycles to visit villages. We call these motorcycles Gospel Chariots – bringing the good news of Christ to those who have not heard before. The pastors can use a motorcycle for about 400,000 miles, which is typically for about 3 years! 12 pastors currently need to replace their motorcycles.

$2,900 provides a pastor with a new motorcycle.

Miscellaneous Projects

Just like in America things come up in India as well. Current projects include a new house for a pastor whose house right now has snakes and also new water pipes from the farm to the school.

Any amount helps towards unexpected items.

Miscellaneous Projects


University Students

University Students

Once the kids have graduated from VMSS and BTI, they come to BtF for their university years. (Think 11th and 12th grade in the United States.) We ask that their current sponsors from BTI continue with them, but if they cannot then we try and seek out a new sponsor for their two years under this program. It does cost slightly more because as you know, the further you go in education, the more it costs. The money goes to each kid to pay for their tuition, room and board, books, and other expenses they incur.

If you so desire, you can even sponsor your child past 12th grade and into college.

We also still send them letters and packages around the same time that BTI sends theirs over as well to keep costs down. Even if you are not financially sponsoring your child anymore, we still encourage you to write to them because you have spent years developing relationships with them and they love to receive letters from you. Delivery of letters can take longer because they are spread out as you can imagine. They same with receiving them from the children. They only get together around once a year, but they are all under the wonderful care of Swapna Madam.

Please consider sponsoring your child or helping out where some cannot continue. The minimum is $75 a month for only two years with a few programs costing more. It depends on where the child gets into school.

Medical Supplies

Donating to medical supplies will benefit the HIV/AIDS clinics, the medical center, and fund a nurse for the medical center. It will allow the HIV/AIDS clinics to provide free medicine, counseling and food for patients who are often ostracized by their family and friends.

In addition, it will support medical and dental camps held in local villages. The types of services these camps provide vary based on the needs of the people. For example, a Medical Camp was held to fix cleft lips. Over 50 people were treated over 7 days.

This donation will assist the medical center in the supplies needed and pay for a nurse at the medical center, which will benefit the school and the local village.

$17,000 per year is needed to operate an HIV/AIDS Clinic (one existing; one to be built). $24,000 per year is needed to operate the Medical Center. $10,000 per year is needed to provide a nurse for the Medical Center.

Bunch of medical supplies

HIV/AIDS Clinics

HIV/AIDS Clinic Medical Files

According to AIDS Health Organization, 2.1 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in India. There is little access to HIV testing and not many AIDS clinics. Poverty, illiteracy, and superstitious beliefs, coupled with loose living and lack of basic health care and hygiene contribute to the spread of this disease.

This disease is making rapid strides, especially in the rural and backward areas of the Telangana region, where the people have little knowledge of the disease and prevention. Those afflicted are not willing to admit infection for fear of being treated as outcasts. Therefore, they keep on spreading the disease without realizing the destruction.

Harvest Ministries has set up a HIV/AIDS Clinic providing services to women. In addition to sharing the everlasting hope of Christ Jesus, we provide free medicine, counseling and food.

$16,000 will build a new clinic in Gililla where this is currently no medical care. $6,400 will build a much needed addition to the existing clinic


Pastors group picture

There are 25 pastors that make up Harvest Ministries. Support a pastor and his family in his daily work winning souls for Christ by paying a portion of his salary.

$1,710 will support a portion of a pastor’s annual salary. $5,320 will provide an annual retreat for all pastors to attend to renew, refresh and train them in support of their ongoing ministry. $7,980 will provide quarterly support for Harvest Ministries’ office staff including Director Caleb Rayapati.


Bibles and tracts are the lifeline for the organization. They are freely given to anyone, and Harvest Ministries hands out over 1,000 bibles a year.

$7.00 provides a bible written in Telugu, the local language. $1.07 provides a gospel tract used by the pastors to share the gospel with unbelievers. $3,220 buys 3,000 gospel tracts, which is how many the pastors generally share in a year.


Harvest Ministries

Harvest Ministries logo

Harvest Ministries began in early 1995 by Caleb Rayapati. He single-handedly traveled the barren Telangana district, met people, forged life-long relationships and planted the seed of God's love in their hearts. In the initial years, it was a ministry of sheer faith and passion with no staff or resources. Gradually a few like-minded staff joined and the first church was planted in Jillela, India, in 1995. Today, the church in Jillela is thriving and the center for many evangelical activities. In 1997, the focus evolved to training pastors to be dentists and the ministry aligned with the Harvest Foundation bringing holistic teaching and more work quickly developed. Today Harvest Ministries has 120 churches in nine districts of Telangana with twenty-five Pastors.

Harvest Ministries has a small staff in addition to Pastor Caleb, as well as a physical presence that is in need of some maintenance and upgrades. $43,120 would take care of the maintenance needed at HM headquarters. Another $19,000 is needed early to help with the staff and the building. A new vehicle is needed to help Pastor Caleb travel to all of the places where the churches are located and the school. $61,000 would cover a new vehicle, as well as travel costs.

Medical & Dental Clinics

In order to bring the Word to angry villages and villagers as well as to meet the needs of the people, Harvest Ministry pastors have been trained to provide medical and dental clinics in the villages.

While helping ease medical and dental problems the gospel is also presented and relationships formed where before there may have only been animosity to the Christian pastors.

$600 will fund a medical or dental clinic.

Pastor helping a dental patient


Administrative stamp

While $0.88 of every dollar contributed goes directly to the projects and programs we support, we do require some administrative funding. The funding under administration pays the day-to-day costs of running a company. It also pays for travel to and from India allowing Pastor Caleb to meet with potential support contacts in the United States, and Bridge to Faith to meet with the Harvest Ministries pastors in India.